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22 апр. 2020 г.
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Can you recollect those nights in front of TV that were full of the expectations to watch an intellectual game show Who wants to be a millionaire? Everyone was eager to test their intellectual abilities and get the grand prize. To get a million, one needed to answer 15 questions of varying difficulty correctly, pass two stages of non-combustible sums and get to the final. The first five questions are humorous or flippant, the next five are of medium difficulty, and the final five are the most involved questions. The set of hints increased the chances of winning.

The game is still rather well-acclaimed; it has the effect of timeless intellectual brand.

One may have been discussing the game for a long time, albeit we would like to introduce to our instagram subscribers a brand new trend for the sake of entertainment.

We have developed the mask "Who wants to become a millionaire?"

The idea is identical to the distinguished game show. Nevertheless, the basic version has no hints. You launch the mask and in 30 seconds you have to give an answer. Above your head, you have time and a win for the questions. To answer the question, you are supposed to press on the correct option with your finger.

Provided that you pick up the right option, a green light will illuminate and you go on; should you select the wrong answer the orange colour will appear.

How exactly this mask can be profitable for your business?

We would like make an offer of app customization for your brand. You can come up with any lottery or quiz to increase the loyalty of subscribers. The crux of the matter is that in the time of quarantine, additional financial help will be useful to everyone, and by the twenty-fifth frame you will increase loyalty, brand recognition, implement your new developments. Many will say that there is a randomizer mask with a simple distribution of prizes.

Such examples of masks can be seen in T-killah ( @t-killah) and Artem Tarasov accounts (@artemtarasov_mma). It certainly works, however, it is rather a piece of cake and no longer fascinating for users. We are designed that way that we strive to be the masters of our ships and rely only on ourselves. In the mask, the randomizer makes the choice. The game-mask "Who wants to become a millionaire ?" amalgamates all factors: a challenge, an interest, a desire to earn, the individual responsibility for the situation. Another factor for the customer is the time spent in one’s account. Few people are aware of the fact that rankings and displays also depend on this factor. Mask will increase attendance and presence on your page far and away.

Usage Advantages:

1) The game will increase your brand loyalty;

2) It will promote different services in a native way;

3) It will increased interest and increase in subscribers.

Now users play all the time the games like those with chickens, catch me, the simplest games, etc.

4) Giving out prizes and the ability to return your user again.

5) Get the innovator status in the instagram world.

What would we like to offer?

1) A unique mask development. The mask will contain questions about your company or any other related topics.

2) Corporate brand customizing of the mask.

3) Creating a lottery environment that suits specifically you.

4) Adding facial effects (retouching, radiance, branding, etc.).

Instagram life dictates its rules, and our task as experts is to catch these vibes and get the most out of it.

To order a mask, you can click on the following links:

Mobile number: +7 (499) 346-89-90

Telegram. @lookvr2019

Instagram. @look.arvr

Mail. gplookvr@gmail.com

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